Cedar Park Equestrian




Well scrap that. Pahaha. Yeah I'm not having Trakehners any more. The original plan was to have two Trakes and two dutchies, but I kinda fell towards having four dutchies instead. *looks ashamed*
I also made a new Anglo Arab template, which may or may not be up for download!

Also, sorry for the lack of a foal crop. AGAIN. And from now on, crops will only be available to those on Equus as that way I can check their progress and know they're being used like I was told they would.

On a happier note, all our foals have grown up! Pictures to be added later.
They include E.A Nalmai Al Cathar, EEC Mr.Prospector, NGW Hershey's Kisses, CPE Tavros, ACT Twilight Moon and CPE Colour Me Wild!



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