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Yeah I'm still alive. Just... Not very motivate to finish this. Profiles take so long :C Just hang with me guys, one day I'll get this done.

Until then-- I have some poses as a WIP. I'll add previews later. They're jumping poses btw.

Thank you for reading!

Come and drop a bomb of photos on you, then go away for a month again >:D
I'll definitely be posting a lot less frequently here, but I will try and drop some photos here regularly! ^^
I've kind of been neglecting this site, because I'm dreading the profiles.
I'm such a silly billy ._.
I forgot to add pictures of all the othe horses who I forgot about!
So without further ado, I present to you..

CPE/NGW TEQUILA (Black Beglian WB mare)
LEQ DA VINCI (Palamino Dutch WB Stallion)
The new and improved CPE Domino Theory!
CPE Pandora (Grey KWPN mare)
Lastly, the unnamed dappled grey Anglo Arabian mare!
I know i don't update often anymore, sorry about that.
anywayz though.

Welcome two new mares, WD Primavera and CPE Odesa!
'Prima' as I call her, is the chestnut Dutch warmblood from Willowdale. I love her a lot!

Odesa is the tobiano Gypsy Cob to be Studmuffin's girlfriend XD




Well scrap that. Pahaha. Yeah I'm not having Trakehners any more. The original plan was to have two Trakes and two dutchies, but I kinda fell towards having four dutchies instead. *looks ashamed*
I also made a new Anglo Arab template, which may or may not be up for download!

Also, sorry for the lack of a foal crop. AGAIN. And from now on, crops will only be available to those on Equus as that way I can check their progress and know they're being used like I was told they would.

On a happier note, all our foals have grown up! Pictures to be added later.
They include E.A Nalmai Al Cathar, EEC Mr.Prospector, NGW Hershey's Kisses, CPE Tavros, ACT Twilight Moon and CPE Colour Me Wild!





That's right.
Dutch Warmbloods.
And guess who we're kicking out in return? No more breeding of british Warmblooded. No more akhal tekes at all. I'll also be having fewer arabian babies and fewer Thoroughbreds as I'm kind of edging into the wonderful world of warmbloods by accident ._.
I also finally decided on a new years resolution, and that is to be calmer and more serious over the interwebs.

Mhm! That's right. I've done it again. Stop posing for forever then come back with photospam?
Well here are some loooong overdue pictures of the horses I have recently bought/made! :)

I was thinking about creating a new website for my Arabians, so I will have more space for my sporting horses ^-^
Name suggestions for the new EC?
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